Become a Taxi Driver and earn money whenever you want!

What requirements must be met?


  •  Over the age of 18
  • Certificate of criminal record
  • Driving license (a minimum of one year)
  • Medical and psychotechnical examinations
  • A car comliant with Uber application requirements and adapted to the commercial passenger taxi transport according to the Act of 6th September 2001 on road transport.

Check out if your car meets the requirements of the application: requirements

In addition, you need to equip the car with a spare wheel or repair kit, a “TAXI” sign and a first aid kit to pass the technical inspection and fulfill the appropriate requirements.

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How to customize a car to become a taxi?

  1. Buy or receive a TAXI sign from one of our permanent offices.
  2. Make sure your car is equipped with:
    – first aid kit,
    – spare wheel or repair kit,
    – fire extinguisher.
  3. Go to the diagnostic station and ask for an additional TAXI inspection. The cost of such an inspection is 43 PLN.
  4. When having a certificate of a positive technical examination result, a registration certificate and an ID card, go to the Department of Transportation where your car was registered and ask for a TAXI annotation in the registration certificate.
  5. Your car is ready to go through the licensing process.
  • Remember to extend your policy to additional insurance covering the commercial passeneger taxi transport before you start work.

Why is it worth working with Bolt?

You work on your own terms whenever you want.

You are your own boss and log into the application whenever you can or want to drive.

You get a weekly payout to your account.

Settlement is once a week. When you work with Bolt, you can earn extra money every week. The average salary of Drivers ranges from several hundred to even several thousand Polish zlotys per week. The best drivers can earn up to 12,000 PLN a month! When working with Bolt, you can count on additional benefits in the form of bonuses and quests in the app.

Meet new people and the city.

By the Uber application, you can earn money every day while exploring your city and meeting new, interesting people. Combine business with pleasure!

How to get started with the Bolt platform?

Sign up in the Natviol panel.

Sign up for our platform and sign agreements with us.

Apply for the license.

Fill in the licensing form available in the MENU of the site. It lets us know that you want to start working as a Taxi Driver. Our specialist will contact you and together you will determine the most advantageous way to go through the whole process.

Create an account on the Bolt website.

Create your Driver account by downloading the Bolt Driver application or use the link below. When signing up, enter NATVIOL as your settlement partner.

Complete the necessary documents.

Perform the medical and psychotechnical examinations to the Driver. If any support in this process is needed, let us know. Together, we will find the best medical clinic in Your city or recommend an online clinic cooperating with us. Download your certificate of criminal record from the Court or the online National Crime Index system.

Provide us with a full set of your documents and complete the licensing process.

After completing all the necessary documents, go to one of our permanent offices and give your documents to our specialists. We will take care of the rest and provide you with a finished document that entitles you to work as a taxi driver. If you go through the licensing process in a city where we don't have a permanent office, you will receive our authorisation to apply for an excerpt of your car in the appropriate Department of Transportation on our behalf.


From now on, you're earning money with Bolt and Natviol! Remember that when you start work and log into the application, your vehicle must be marked as a taxi, according to the resolution of the City Council appropriate for your city.


Do you need more information?

We invite you to take a look at our FAQ, additional materials or to contact our hotline.

Check out which city you can become an Uber Driver in!

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