Become a Deliverer in the application where Deliverers can earn up to 12,000 PLN per month without previous experience!

What requirements must be met?


  • Over the age of 18
  • Smartphone with Internet access
  • Means of transport (bicycle, motor scooter, scooter, car). If you don’t have your own vehicle, you can rent it from us.
  • A thermal bag, which you can receive in one of our permanent offices or by mail.

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Why is it worth working with Wolt?

You work on your own terms whenever you want.

You are your own boss and log into the application whenever you want. You can work according to a predetermined schedule or when you decide that you have the time and want to do so.

You get a payout to your account every two weeks.

Settlement is once in two weeks. The average salary of Couriers ranges from several hundred to even several thousand Polish zlotys every two weeks. The best Deliverers can earn up to 12,000 PLN a month! When working with Wolt, you can count on additional benefits in the form of bonuses and quests in the app.

Meet new people, the city and the restaurants.

By Wolt application, you can earn money every day while exploring the unknown restaurants and meeting new, interesting people. Combine business with pleasure!

How to get started with the Wolt platform?

Sign up in the Natviol panel.

Sign up for our platform and sign agreements with us.

Create a Wolt Courier account.

Create your Courier account in the link below.

Complete the Wolt training and add the necessary documents in the application.
Receive the equipment from our permanent office or order it when you sign up for WOLT.

From now on, you're earning money with Wolt and Natviol!
Launch the app, complete your orders and earn money!


Do you need more information?

We invite you to take a look at our FAQ, additional materials or to contact our hotline.

Check out which city you can become an Wolt Deliverer in!

Don't you have your own vehicle you can use to deliver orders?

Use our fleet of bicycles and electric scooters.

Rent from 120 PLN/week!

Write or call us!

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