Szama Express

Earn more on one route by taking additional orders from the marketplace!

What requirements must be met?


  • Over the age of 18
  • Smartphone with Internet access
  • Car
  • Driving license min. 1 year

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Why is it worth working with Szama Express?

You take orders from the marketplace and choose only those that suit you.

Failure to accept the order doesn't affect your rating.

You can select orders with a pickup time at set hour.

Great complement to taxi fare or deliveries with other courier applications.

Before you take a job, you know how much you can earn.

You know the pickup address, delivery address, and the amount of money.

You work whenever you want.

Without declaring yourself available!

You get paid once a week.

How to get started with Szama Express?

Sign up in the NATVIOL panel.

Sign up for our platform and sign agreements with us.

Create a Szama Express Courier account.

Create your Courier account in the link below.

Wait for the contact of a Szama Express specialist to guide your registration process.

That's it! From now on, you're earning money with Szama Express and Natviol!
Launch the app, complete your orders and earn money!


Do you need more information?

We invite you to take a look at our FAQ, additional materials or to contact our hotline.

Which city can you become a Szama Express Courier in?

Currently, the application operates in Cracow, Poznań and Wroclaw.

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