TAXI driver

Start working as a TAXI driver in a 12/12 shift system.

🚖 🚦 We are looking for taxi drivers! 🚦 🚖

Are you looking for a job as a taxi driver on modern fleet cars? We have a great opportunity for you! Our company is looking for drivers who are ready to work in the 12/12 system.

What distinguishes our offer? First of all, we have a specially adapted fleet of cars that meet all the requirements of mobile applications. The comfort of our vehicles is a priority, both for the passengers and for you as a driver.

But that’s not all! Our flexible schedule allows you to tailor your work to your needs. Working with us can be your main source of income or additional work to supplement your budget.

Are you ready to join our team of taxi drivers? If so, don’t wait any longer! Submit your application today and start an exciting new adventure behind the wheel. 🚖 💼 💰

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Transparent contract, payment always weekly
12-hour shifts or a car for your own use
The largest commission on the market - up to 55% of the turnover
Comfortable Toyota Corolla hybrid cars
Full training in the applications you will be working on
24/7 support on every level
The fuel costs of operating the car and the car wash on our side
A special reward system for the best drivers