Rent an electric bike perfect for delivery!

Hey, Mr/Mrs. Courier! 🚲

Do you want your work with courier applications to be even more effective? 💰

✔️ Why is it worth to deliver with an e-bike?

👉 More mobility and convenience = more deliveries made = more cash earned! 💰
👉 No fuel and parking fees!
👉 100-150 PLN/ week depending on the bike model.
👉 Security deposit 400 PLN. It is possible to pay the deposit in two instalments.
👉 Battery range from 60 to 110 km depending on the bike model.
👉 Ideal for Couriers/Deliverers working with mobile applications!

Come by and rent your e-bike! 😊 Bikes are available in Warsaw, Tricity and Poznań.
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